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My Dive Center seen from the beach.
The building in cave-style is my Dive Center and next you see the restaurant Flowers.
The accommodations are located behind the building and are thus almost on the beach.
At the left hand side you can see a group of my Open Water students getting their introduction to scuba diving equipment.
Click for large picture.

Sun The beautiful sunset directly in front of the Dive Center.
Every evening we meet for a sundowner and enjoy life.
Not the worst place in the world, or? :-)

Here you see my Dive Center from the street.
You can't miss the building :-)
I don't even need an air condition to have it nice cold inside.

classRoom The classroom is fitted with fake grass and bean bags. But most of the time we only use it for watching video. Most of the theory we combine with the practical part.

Directly inside the diving center and protected from sun and rain, we set up our dive equipment before we enter the water for your discover dive and our training dive.
In the background you can see the small island of Koh Nangyuan.

beachView In front of the diving center you have a beautiful beach where you can relax and swim as long as you want.

Every piece of equipment has his own place.
The BCDs, behind them the wet suits and to the right you can see the fins.
Even a usally boring equipment room looks nice in my cave.

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