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We are a Diving School and are specialised on Open Water and Advanced Courses.

Of course we are taking already certified divers on our boat, but the dive spots will be choosen by the needs of the courses. It can be the same spots everyday.

Usually we take the boat out twice the day and you can choose when you want to go. We always do two dives per trip.

My Service
Dive Guide inclusive. You can travel alone and you never have to dive alone.
Very good ental equipment included - even dive computer! 10% Discount for own dive equipment.
Maximum of 4 Fun Divers per group. The groups are categorzied by experience level.
Relaxed atmosphere without stress.
We use 12 ℓ aluminium tanks. All tanks are filled with 180 bar compressed air.
Private Guide only 750 Baht extra. Only 500 Baht for 2 persons!
(Please book in advanced)