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That's us :-)

Hi, I'm Stefan and I run the dive center "Rainbow Fish Divers" on Koh Tao.

My diving center is located directly at the beautiful Sairee Beach and the accommodations are behind the dive center.

We offer all Scuba Diving Courses - Open Water to Master Diver.

If you wanna go scuba diving, you need to do your d(r)iving license. Worldwide, there are dozens of organizations that issue scuba diving certifications.
The biggest ones are SSI and PADI.
Certifications of these two organizations are recognized everywhere worldwide. We offer both SSI and PADI certifications.
Normally we issue SSI certifications for all courses.

The last day of your Open Water Course, you get filmed by a professional underwater videographer.
It is the perfect memory of your under water adventure and ideal to make your friends jealous :-)
Just take a look at this video!

My Promises:

We are the most comfortable and stess-free dive center on Koh Tao.
Here is no boat at 6 am - you can enjoy your holidays.
My Dive Center is located directly at the beautiful Sairee Beach.
My luxurious dive boat is limited to maximum 25 divers.
All english speaking courses are limited to four students.
Maximum of 4 Fun Divers per group. The groups are categorzied by experience level.
Only with me you get the complete and personalized service.
We'll even book bus and ferry tickets for you!

Do not be afraid, to pepper me with questions!


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Data Protection: All data are encrypted transmitted and I don't give data to 3rd persons.






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