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Rainbow Fish Divers is not a diving school in the classic sense of Koh Tao. My diving school is a place to in enjoy your holiday for a week or even longer. It's not just about diving but also about doing other activities together. Having dinner together is part of it and also the relaxing hours on the beach. I set my priority not on having as many Open Water students as possible in a 3.5 day rhythm to whip them all through the course.

All english speaking courses are limited to four students.

I'm not offering a 3.5 day course, otherwise I would just be the 56th dive school on Koh Tao with the same concept. We take us a lot more time for you and therefore the course is one day longer and includes more dives.

As many are pressed for time, there is a mini-package with only 5 nights.

We don't leave at 6 am with the boat or start tuition at 7 am to accommodate more students per day.

Also you get a video of your last two dives included in the course price. We work together with a professional underwater film company. One filmer accompanies us on the last day on the boat and underwater. Then he cuts the video and puts music to the video. Have a look at the sample video at the bottom of this page.

Day 1

You only walk 10 minutes from the ferry to my dive center. (There is no need to spend money on an overpriced taxi)

Arrived at the dive center we have to fill up some paperwork. After we checked you in, you have some time for yourself until 4 pm.

Then you meet your diving instructor and we watch at a short introduction video about diving. But don't fear, it is quite entertaining and you will indeed learn something.
Afterwards we go for snorkeling - your first practical lession :-)

Day 2 – Discover Scuba Diving

Directly in front of the dive center we go into the sea. We meet around 9 am and we tell you in the classroom all that you need to know before your first dive. Don't worry, we extend the theory to 3 days and nobody is overwhelmed. First we talk about the diving equipment - before you go diving the first time, you want to know how the equipment works.
Just an hour later we are already in the water!
But first we set up our equipment and check each others equipment. Safety first!
We start on the beach in the shallow water. Just so deep that everyone has his head under water. Now we get used to the new environment and the unusual feeling to breath with an aqualung. Don't worry, we have absolutely no stress and are in no hurry.
When everyone feels comfortable, we dive in shallow water and watch some fishli. Learning by doing ;-)

After the lunch break you watch another video, then you have the afternoon off.

Day 2 – Training Dive

Today we start at 10 am with a short classroom session. This time we explain the equipment in detail and talk about how the physics affects us in diving.

During the practical session in the afternoon we do a few exercises. The aim of the skills is to become familiar with the equipment and learn how to behave properly underwater. Like on the first day we start directly at the beach in the shallow water.

Afterwards we dive again at the reef and watch some fishli, now you can dive in principle!
Final preparation and you're ready go.

Day 4 Morning – Final Theory

After breakfast, we tell you what we have to consider when we scuba dive in deeper water. Diving at Koh Tao is very simple: The water is warm, there are hardly any waves and the visibility is usually good. But we prepare you for diving around the world and there are dive sites that are much more demanding. Therefore, there is some information about tides, currents, and of course the Fischli. You'll also need to know, how the processes are organised on a dive boat.

Day 4 Afternoon – Boat Dive 1 and 2

Our first boat trip and the first time that we go directly deep from the beginning of the dive. But don't worry, on the first dive we only go to about 5 - 7 meters depth. We go into a sheltered bay and make ourselves comfortable in the sand. After we got used the new depth and we repeated a few skills - we only go fun diving from now on.

After each dive we usually do about 1 hour break - so also now. We strengthen with coffee, tea and of course fresh fruits. Meanwhile, the captain brings us to our second dive site and we tell you what we are going to see now.

Arrived we hop in again. I know from experience that I can hardly hold you back and everybody wants to go diving as soon as possible. This time we go already to 12 meters and, as always, you'll notice that this is not "worse" and you really have no need to fear the depth. Most of the time this dive is your first encounter with parrotfish, angelfish and of course Nemo.

Tonight you will all sleep well. :-)
Buddy Check

Day 5 – Boat Dive 3 and 4

"Horse racing" is always fun. Today we go for 2 more dives. The first dive is to 18 meters and our deepest.
18 meters is the maximum depth to which you are allowed to dive with your soon acquired "Open Water" scuba diving license.

After the surface interval we go for our final dive.

On this day we are accompanied by a cameraman and filmed all day, even under water. Let's make a funny video! (Have a look at the sample video at the bottom of this page)

Back on land you get your "Open Water" scuba diving license and you are already finished!
The time always goes by very fast.

In the evening we'll meet again, watch your video and celebrate your passing of the course.

Day 6 – Scooter Tour
(Leaving day with Mini Package)

Now you explore Koh Tao on land. The last days you were so busy with scuba diving that you have not seen the island yet. Koh Tao is not only beautiful under the sea...

The route I recommend:

You drive to Freedom Beach, lay there on the beach and enjoy life :-)

Then you make an excursion to Shark Bay. Here you go snorkeling. Arm yourself with patience, if everybody keeps really calm and quiet you can see black tip reef sharks and turtles!

Afterwards you relax with a thai massage.

More is not on the agenda, you have a lazy day ...
Freedom Beach Shark Bay

Day 7 – Back in the water!

Korbi had so much fun that he stayed four weeks on Koh Tao and kept diving. A lazy day on the beach was fine and dandy, but now everyone can barely sit on the beach anymore and you want to go back down!
You don't believe me now? Then wait and see ;-)

Today we do another 2 fun dives - that means just dive. You don't need to do any skills, you already got your d(r)iver's license!

You will be accompanied by one of my divemasters and he shows you even more fishli than your have already seen in your Open Water course.

Those who are totally impressed by scuba diving, can alternatively do the Advanced Course on day 6 and 7.

Course Video

More Videos you can find here.