All prices include ALL costs, there is nothing more to it.
No hidden additional costs!
All my divers are INSURED! Hardly any other Dive Center has insurance.
Very good rental equipment is inclusive- even dive computer.
Free WiFi and drinking water in the Dive Center.
All prices are in Baht and for SSI.
At my place you are not at a sales event for dive equipment, many Dive Centers make their main money with selling equipment.

Open Water Course

Please read first here my detailed description.

I laced different beginner packages for you from which you can you choose the package that is best for your needs and travel plans fits. Unlike the other dive schools beginners course is stretched to another day, we make a dive more with you AND you get your personal diving video included.

Mini Package

Only the Open Water Diving Course for those in a hurry

6 dives in the Open Water Course (usual on Koh Tao are 4 dives)
Rental Equipment inclusive, even a dive computer!
Personal underwater video of your last two dives of the OW course. (Costs on Koh Tao normally 2500 Baht)
Diving license (Certification fee inclusive)
Rainbow Fish Divers Log Book

Only 11999 Baht/person

Deluxe Package

Open Water Diving Course and Koh Tao experience

8 dives:
6 in the Open Water Course (usual are 4 dives on Koh Tao)
2 more dives afterwards to directly use your diving certification
Rental Equipment inclusive, even a dive computer!
Personal underwater video of your last two dives of the OW course. (Costs on Koh Tao normally 2500 Baht)
Rental scooter for one day - discover the rest of the island!
Instead of the rental scooter and the 2 more fun dives you can upgrade to the package with Advanced Course.
One Thai Massage
Diving license (Certification fee inclusive)
Rainbow Fish Divers Log Book
Rainbow Fish Divers - T-Shirt

Only 14499 Baht/person

Super Diver Package

Open Water Course and Advanced Course

Same features as the Deluxe Package, but there is instead the scooter tour and the 2 fun dives, the Advanced Course including a second certification. We're doing on last two days another 4 dives: Perfect Buoyancy, Navigation, Deep Diving up to 30 meters and Wreck Diving.
So in total 10 dives and 2 diving licenses.

Only 19999 Baht/person

Continuing Education Courses

Advanced Course

We deal specifically your buoyancy, navigate with a compass in detail, teach you how to use a dive computer, do a deep dive to 30 meters and learn about fish and corals also we go wreck diving.

Duration 3 days
Incl. 6 dives

Only 9999 Baht/person

Rescue Course

How do I help a diver in distress? How can I rescue a swimmer from drowning? The answer to these and similar questions, you get here. The course has been a bit of a challenge, but it makes a lot of fun. Moreover, you are then definitely a better diver because you have learned how to react correctly in critical situations and so you are well prepared for most "incidents".

Duration 2.5 days
If you have not completed Emergency First Response Course (see below) in the last 24 months, you have to take this first.
Incl. 3-4 dives

Only 9999 Baht/person

Speciality Courses

Speciality Courses I can offer:

Diving with dive computer
Deep Diving
Digital Underwater Photographie
Enriched Air Nitrox Level 2 (40%)
Equipment Technologies
Diving at night and limited visibility
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Search & Recovery
Underwater Naturalist
Underwater Video
Waves, tides and currents (drift diving)
Wreck Diving

Prices on request. Since most of the time we combine specialties so it is too complicated to present everything clearly.

Price hammer!!!

Nitrox Course
Only 3999 Baht !!!

In order to dive later with Nitrox, one must not necessarily dive in the course. Important for Nitrox is what you have to consider and do before diving. This I teach you in one afternoon.

React Right Kurs including O2

3999 Baht

The primary and secondary care course, which is recognized by PADI and SSI in order to make a rescue course.

Fun Dives
(For everybody who is already a certified diver)

We always do 2 dives per boat trip.

2 Dives 1999 Baht
6 Dives 4999 Baht
12 Dives 9999 Baht (+ gratis T-Shirt)
Every more 2 dives are 1599 Baht.

(Packages are personalized)

My service:
Dive Guide inclusive.
You never have to dive alone and you can visit us without buddy.
Rental Equipment inclusive, even a dive computer!
10% Discount for own dive equipment.
The group size of the Fun Divers is maximal 4-5 persons. The groups are categorzied by experience level.
Relaxed atmosphere without stress.
We use 12 L aluminium tanks.
All tanks are filled with 180 bar.
For only 750 Baht extra you get a private guide.
Even only 500 Baht for 2 persons!

The diving licenses SSI are cheaper because you have to pay for this organization significantly lower fees for certification as PADI. Both certifications are recognised by EVERY dive center around the world. All prices are for courses with SSI certificate. Who wants to have a PADI certificate must, unfortunately, pay per dive certification cost 999 baht extra. However, you get a book. (In most other dive schools you get only an access code for an online book)